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High Adventure

Troop 407 is active in High Adventure. With ambitious Scouts and experienced adults, we frequently take part in hiking treks and unique adventures several times each year. Read on for some of what we’re involved in, and see the High Adventure Reports page to read stories of past adventures.

Florida Sea Base

The Boy Scouts of America operates Florida Sea Base, a high adventure base in the Florida Keys and Troop 407 is a regular participant. During the week of July 24-30, 2014, a crew will spend the week at Big Munson Key for an out-island adventure. You think Survivor is tough? Check out Big Munson. The Out Island Adventure combines camping on a remote 100+ acre island, snorkeling on pristine coral reefs, trolling for sportfish, kayaking through red mangroves, and exploring the flora and fauna of Big Munson Island. You will wade ashore on Big Munson Island carrying all the food, water and equipment used during your adventure in a rugged camping setting. Powerboats will take you snorkeling and fish on selected days. A program mate will remain with you for the duration of your trip to assist you in appreciating this unique environment. This is a true high-adventure program, one that combines physical challenge with excitement and adventure. If your crew has strong camping skills and enjoys rugged camping, then the Out Island program is for you. This is a seven day event.

A few spots are still available; see Mr. Heslop if you are interested.

Chief Pontiac Trail

The Chief Pontiac Trail credential hike program is a backpacking program designed for Boy Scouts of First Class rank or above. It is also designed to challenge youth and adults.

It is a high adventure program that involves not only backpacking, canoeing, or winter trekking, but includes a report process designed to challenge the mind as well as the body. The treks are located near Proud Lake and Kensington.

Units may opt to canoe a portion of the 16.5 mile trail. A winter trek option covers a shorter distance. The canoe trek involves canoeing and hiking.

Any scout of First Class rank or above who has hiking skills and can carry his gear in his backpack (about 30 pounds) is welcome. (Scouts who are less than First Class can still hike but would earn a Li’l Brave award instead of a CPT medal.)

Troop 407 normally participates in all three treks. The 2014 schedule will be announced once reservations are made.


Troop 407 participates at Philmont on a regular basis.

The Philmont website is here.

Additional information can be found here


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