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Summer Camp 2022

Central Registry Form Health For A_B_C Merit Badge Information

Summer Camp Information

Summer Camp Coordinator: Mr. Ashish Verma

Adult Leaders at Campground:

  1. Mr. Ashish Verma
  2. Dr. Joel Carboni
  3. Recommended for PATH parent
  4. Recommended for PATH parent


Important Dates

Session#2 –  06/26-07/02

Leaving: Sunday, June 26

Returning: Saturday, July 2

Signup and Fee Due: 02/13 

Fee –

  • $370 for regular scout
  • $345 for first year scout
  • $345 for a sibling of a regular scout

(By PayPal to (use method “Sending to a friend” to avoid fees)

Merit Badge Selection Sheet Due: 03/13 

Merit Badge Pre-requisite Sign-off: 06/05 (if any)

Health Form (A,B & C): 06/05

Camper Release Form: 06/05

Pre-Camp Swim Check: 06/19


Visitors are allowed  ** (forms required, see below)

Dining hall is open

Individual selection of merit badges (no pod)


A) Scouts – Please see attached Merit Badge selection guide and pre-requisite requirements. Scouts need to review any pre-requisites for camp and make sure they are completed.  Scouts should review and begin working on them as soon as they know which merit badges they are taking.  Many pre-requisites require scouts to attend community activities, track progress over a period of time, or complete camping or cooking requirements during a troop activity.

B)Adults –  Michigan Central Registry Clearance (DHS) Form is to be renewed EVERY YEAR. It takes about 3 weeks to receive clearance form. If you plan on visiting camp (full week or partially or for even a day) you must have renewed form on file. Apply it NOW.



BSA Health Form

Parts A, B (both sides), and C MUST be completed including ALL required signatures for all campers – regardless of how long they will be in camp for.

Adults without Part C will not be permitted access to camp – no exceptions! Adult leaders will also be required to go through a health check with the unit at check-in.

The BSA Health Form is valid until the last day of the month one year after it was issued (i.e. if your health form is dated June 6, 2021 – it is valid until June 30, 2022).

Camper Release Form

Pre-Camp Swim Check Form

Adults – State of Michigan Central Registry Clearance (Age 21+)

Adults – YPT Certificate

© 2024 Troop 407, Novi, Michigan - Boy Scouts of America
© 2024 Troop 407, Novi, Michigan - Boy Scouts of America