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Chief Pontiac Trail Canoe Hike

The deadline for signing up for the May Chief Pontiac Trail Canoe Hike is fast approaching. Registration and Indian essays are due by April 15. See Mr. Heslop to register. If you’re not familiar with the Chief Pontiac Trail, see below.

The hike will be May 10-11, 2014. We can have up to 24 participants, so everyone interested should be able to go this time. The cost for a new participant is $20 for the cost of the medal and patches, $10 for repeat participants. It will cost approximately $15 for the camp fees and food. The Canoe / Kayak rental will be about $15 per person. So, the total cost is about $50 for a first time participant, either scout or adult, and about $40 for a repeat CPT participant. We will have a good depth of experience both adult and scout to help first time participants have a good time. The troop has spare backpacks and a few of us participating have extra packs, too. So, you will not need to purchase a backpack.


1) Meet at Heavner’s Canoe Livery at 8:00 AM Saturday morning and leave vehicles there, rent canoe and/or kayak equipment.

2) Hike up river 2 miles to the north boat launch in Proud Lake SRA, on the way, at the high power lines, call Heavner’s and notify them to send canoes.

3) Canoe the Huron River down river to Kensington Metro Park Group Camp.

4) Camp overnight.

5) Get up Sunday morning, have breakfast and hike the trail 6.2 miles to Heavner’s to complete the trek.


Scouts are required to be First Class or above.

If you are not already registered, see Mr. Heslop. First time participants only: Submit an INDIAN HISTORY ESSAY to be sent in no later than April 15th.


Many of you have been on the Chief Pontiac Trail treks (CPT) in past years. This email explains what CPT treks are and how to sign up. If you are interested in backpack hiking, camping one night, canoeing, then continue reading. Adults are not necessary but are very welcome.

The credential hike program is a backpacking program designed to challenge youth and adults.

It is a high adventure program that involves not only backpacking, canoeing, or winter trekking, but includes a report process designed to challenge the mind as well as the body.

There are three types of CPT hikes; the Winter, the 16.5 Mile and the Canoe trek.

See the Chief Pontiac Programs website for more information as well. We will have practice hikes to determine if we are ready and able.

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© 2024 Troop 407, Novi, Michigan - Boy Scouts of America